Yes, you love her. But oh boy can she be difficult. But then again did you want her to be the boring mass produced lager type, the vanilla of girl friends? Of course not. Celebrating the intricacies of relationship we created this Stout, which has a lot going on. It is matured on Coffee beans, Cocoa nibs, Bourbon Vanilla beans & Tahitian Vanilla beans. Wow, that sounded tasty. To top that, it is aged on American Oak chips. This is a big beer loaded with dark roasted malts. Your mouth will be filled with coffee and chocolate flavours, supported by the warmth of vanilla. All is balanced by a good load of hops, which will bring this beer to a bitterness of 85 EBU which we hope is much higher than in your relationship. Cheers to her!

The World Beer Awards in London 2016, Belgium Country Winner  |  The World Beer Awards in London 2016, Design Award Belgium Winner  |  The Beer Awards in London 2016, 3 Star Award  |  International Beer Challenge in London 2017, Bronze Medal  |  The Beer Awards in London 2017, 4 Star Award

Alcohol by vol. 8,0 %  |  Bitterness: 85 EBU  |  Color: Black  |  kCal. per serving: 69  |  Available in: 0,33 L bottle & 30 L keg

If you can’t stop humming Prince’s Raspberry Beret when sipping this gorgeous Raspberry Porter, it’s quite all right. One can't be blamed for having little sexual healing going on…raspberry dipping, chocolate dripping…uuh, say no more. But seriously, beer nerdishly speaking, this is a classy sassy porter with exquisite chocolate character lightened up by fresh and sour touch of the raspberry. Damn, tried to be nerdish and sour but starting sounding  like Prince again. “She wore raspberry beret…” 

The World Beer Awards in London 2017, Belgium Country Winner  |  International Beer Challenge in London 2017, Bronze Medal

The Beer Awards in London 2017, 3 Star Award

Alcohol by vol. 7,0 %  |  Bitterness: 55 EBU  |  Color: Black  |  kCal. per serving: 63  |  Available in: 0,33 L bottle & 30 L keg

Oh boy. This one is a heavy weight. Sipping the 9,5% beast is like getting on the mat with the Russian bear Aleksander Karelin. And you know how that is going to end. Yes. Exactly. You on your back, staring at the ceiling. This beasty stout is hopped with Chinook, Columbus and Centennial. The bearly character comes from maturing on cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, Ceylon cinnamon sticks, American oak chips and chipotle. Yep, this bear may look mellow but sure has plenty of bite.

Alcohol by vol. 9,5 %  |  Bitterness: 90 EBU  |  Color: Black  |  kCal. per serving: 83  |  Available in: 0,33 L bottle & 30 L keg

Disclaimer. This sinister beer should only be consumed on sullen mood, wearing black head to toe and listening to Joy Division Love will tear us apart. This is a serious beer for serious people. Be warned though, the interplay of black currants and cocoa nibs with bit of vanilla and oak chips that our happy brewer used may unexpectedly lift you from that void of existential pain you so much enjoy and suddenly you feel good. That is not good.

Alcohol by vol. 6,0 %  |  Bitterness: 55 EBU  |  Color: Black  |  kCal. per serving: 41  |  Available in: 0,33 L bottle & 30 L keg


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